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AlwaysNightMode Tweak for all-time Night Mode in Maps

If you are jailbreaker often work with Apple maps, AlwaysNightMode Tweak will sound great as it is a useful option to enable night mode feature in your maps 100% of the time. You would agree if I say, Apple maps is a very supportive app in your iOS and if you are a jailbreaker you can have more fun. What I brought today will be a great support if you are a big fan of Apple maps, so go through the whole article and know more about AlwaysNightMode latest tweak.

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Night Mode in Apple Maps

Night mode is a nice feature in Apple maps which enter the map in to a low light state with daylight dropping down, even though it does not come with a heavy impact, it makes you easier navigating through night time. As a big fan of night mode I feel how comfortable it is in the eyes, and now all jailbreakers can keep night mode enabled 100% of the time with the jailbreak tweak AlwaysNightMode. So Apple map users can now get more support from your maps with a blackened interface where your eyes will not get tired of looking, even the whole day.

There is no special pro or con with AlwaysNightMode tweak on your iOS but it obviously makes the visuals easier on your eyes with a balanced contrast in the entire map interface, so it is absolutely worth trying as it can be downloaded free from Cydia BigBoss repository.

Configuring AlwaysNightMode Tweak


This is a simple tweak which requires nothing to configure additionally. In the settings you will find a switch where you can enable or disable the feature. And it really seems advantageous as those who prefer going back to map view can instantly use this kill switch to disable and re-enable the feature on demand without uninstalling the tweak. So there is no space to worries, if you feel going back to usual map view you can easily switch to normal map app view with a single tap.

Who Can Get AlwaysNightMode Tweak?

Currently, iOS 9.1 is the latest version we have Cydia access and all iOS version above are still not capable of Cydia install as iOS jailbreak still looks quiet in the scene. As to freshest rumors most focused is on iOS 9.3.2-iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak in July, so keep hopes for Cydia install on iOS to grab all these latest tweaks on your iDevice for a vast iOS experience. Most probably we would be able to get a positive response soon with iOS 9.3.3 official announcement, so keep hopes on iOS 9 releases as still we are months away from iOS 10 Download. If you are iOS 9.1 jailbreak or earlier give AlwaysNightMode tweak a try and experience the Night mode conformability in your map view for all the time.


This tweak is truly designed for a cosmetic effect and definitely it adds a new style to the way you look in to your map in your jailbroken iDevice, so give it a try if you are a dark theme lover just I like do, and do not forget to share your experience in the comment section below. So download AlwaysNightMode tweak on your jailbroken iDevice and make your map view more comfortable in your eyes.

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