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Audicy jailbreak tweak for iOS media Consumers

If you are a jailbroken iDevice owner often focus on media consumption on you iDevice, Audicy jailbreak tweak may sound great for you, as it is one of the latest tweaks in Cydia which allows user to import media files to stock media apps in your iOS. As to the usual theory iTunes is the way we know for all these tasks in your iOS, but Audicy is now available for jailbroken iDevices, especially to those who think tethering to a PC to get support through iTunes is quite bothersome.


Import Media on your iOS with Audicy

Audicy is a nice tweak which is open to iOS 7.0 to latest iOS 9.1 jailbreak crowd. Without taking you through troublesome settings, Audicy can simply fulfill your media importing need. This jailbreak tweak lets you import media files to stock iOS media apps from a number of sources. Which means Audicy can import media files from any app that supports the process and native iOS share sheets. So check with apps you can successfully run with Audicy to import your favorite songs, videos, podcasts and more media.

Work with Audicy

Audicy Cydia tweak is not with complicated settings, in fact it is a quite simple tweak to handle easily. You just have to open the media file you want to import on your iOS stock media apps and simply open the file with Audicy to import on your iDevice. After you downloaded the Audicy jailbreak tweak from Cydia, you will notice it is added in your Home screen and you will see tabs like shown below.


With File browser tab, you can browse for any media file you wish to import in your iOS

With Settings tab, you will get few configuration options like,

  • Hiding unsupported files types
  • Options to enable notifications with a successful file import
  • Audicy resetting to its factory settings
  • Clearing Audicy cache

How to import Media Files with Audicy Tweak

As we mentioned Audicy comes with simple yet smart process, below is the easy tutorial to show how to import files to your stock media apps on your iDevice. Let us take an example of a file from the Dropbox folder.

  • Step 1: Open the file you want and tap on share at the top of the Dropbox app
  • Step 2: Then you will open in a new share sheet, where you have to tap on “Open in…” appears below
  • Step 3: After that you will get a list of apps that your selected media file can share, including Audicy
  • Step 4: Then tap on “Copy to Audicy”


  • Step 5: As you tap on Audicy, you will open in the Audicy app where you are required to configure metadata for the file
  • Step 6: With the editing option you get in the next step, you will be able add any album artwork or song information you wish to see in the music app
  • Step 7: After you are done with editing, tap on “import”

As import being completed, you will receive a notification to make you aware that music you imported is ready to play. You will notice a song you successfully imported from the music app which shows the configured metadata as well. It is clear how easily Audicy could import media files to your stock library even with more customization options.

There are similar media importing tweaks in Cydia, but Audicy is second to none. It is not only to work with music, but also supports ringintones, music videos, TV episodes, podcasts and movies. Audicy Cydia tweak comes in a user supportive interface where user will understand the sharing process easily. For more being able to edit metadata is another significant features comes with Audicy as you have to configure it your own.


Audicy come packed with notable features to make your media importing experience better than before, if you own a jailbroken iDevice from iOS 7.0 to iOS 9.1, Audicy tweak is now available in Cydia BigBoss repository for about $2.99. So start now with Audicy to import and manage media files on your jailbroken iOS without PC support or iTunes.

At the moment iOS 7.0 to iOS 9.1 jailbroken iDevices can try Audicy, but iOS 9.2 to latest iOS 9.3.2 devices have to wait as jailbreak is still missing in the chapters. As rumors suggest a soon arriving tool, keep hopes on iOS 9.3-iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak to get Cydia benefits soon.

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