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How to extend Pangu 9.3.3 enterprise certificate for 365 days?

Here is the way, that most users impatiently looking a solution for the cessation of their jailbreak head-ship. This has become a frequent matter which can simply end using the procedure we are going to blaze here. As we wished to be hastily, Pangu 9.3.3 drawn each and every drop of iOS 9.0 through amazing tear along last weekend. Although the primus launch replaced their Chinese counter-part, they prepared a sooner response for the sake of their standstill followers. So, even later on a long epoch, accomplish concluded head over heels.


Status of jailbreak releases

While we are responsible to keep writing three approaches you will reach from Pangu 9.3.3 download, some of those already has stopped using some major Apple restrained appends. This is about the renovated release as a web based installation devoid of a Windows or Mac. Thus, while Pangu kept words without a clue the English download as a cross-platform performer, many those who cross off the Windows Chinese edition were anxious for the update shortly. And now it is there with the competence of work on both Mac and Windows and even for Linux too.

At the moment, you left two options Pangu Chinese/English editions even without the cherished Safari based appliance.

Replace the Chinese jailbreak app via iFunbox

To hook up your jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 standard for a year through during 365 days after the jailbreak, without let it broken once a week, you just have to drive out the existing Pangu app to reinstall it using the iFunbox. There is a noticeable remind with this for those who installed Pangu English app. You will have to uninstall it and agree for the Chinese app installation. And as iFunbox is fitting for Windows and OSX, this will be worthy.

How to? (Using a Windows PC)

  • Firstly, get the “jiggle” mode from your iDevice and remove the tool icon permanently as highlighted


  • Break your repeating jailbreak status with a reboot
  • Go to Control center and turn the Airplane mode on


  • And quickly hook up it to the Windows using a recommend MFI Lightning cable
  • Now search for the IPA file which originally arranged with the Chinese application
  • Go to your downloads >iFunbox installer > right click > Run as administrator


  • The “User Account Control” panel will ask you whether you need to allow this or not? So just hit the yes button


  • Then keep English from selections and command OK with the Language setup panel


  • Installer will open. Hit “Next”


  • Next stage will be the License Agreement. Click “Next” with this as well, after accepting it


  • Let it continue with the location that will open, as shown


  • Start menu folder will be the other. It too has to let it prepared


  • At the end of the setup, click install (You will see it completing)


  • Now, end it click the Finish button after confirm you marked to run When it will open automatically, go to the Managing App Data > Install app


  • After selecting the IPA file, “Save” it with the iFunbox operate


  • The operation will take some time and complete successfully placing Pangu 9.3.3 download with your Home screen
  • Device Settings > General > Device Management. (Trust to continue) This must be complete after turn off the Airplane Mode


  • Trust here the certification using two steps above and hit the downloaded Pangu app
  • Now, grant PP app notifications and click the round button in the center



  • Hit the lock button and after few seconds you will prompt the notification of remarking the storage
  • Stay out of the device until it respring
  • Open to rearrange Cydia app


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