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Developer Demos Flying JB for iOS 9.2.1 Jailbreak

Those who were worried without a compatible jailbreak can now get happy with what I brought today, but only if you are on iOS 9.2.1.One of the Chinese Developer, Min Zheng aka @SparkZheng has recently launched a video showing iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak, which calls “Flying JB” that acts in a different way to what we usually familiar as Pangu and TaiG jailbreak. Through his YouTube video demonstration, he uses Flying JB for iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak on an iPhone 5c. Unlike the usual process, this installs an unsigned Mobile Terminal app with the process with Flying JB, which gives  user the facility to run any command as root.


Flying JB has developed on “inpuTbag”, a 15 years old kernel HeapOverFlow vulnerability which has almost fixed with iOS 9.3.2. So this jailbreak will not work on iOS 9.3.2.

Jailbreak and Cydia install were highly discussed topics these days as a long period has continued under iOS 9.2 to latest with no-jailbreak. Even though possibilities were often discussed, a tool was missing in the scene even up to now. In that way, Flying JB is a refreshing news for iOS crowd, but remember this is not the usual jailbreak we see with Pangu, TaiG or any other developer team. As mentioned, this process installs an unsigned Mobile Terminal app to execute any command as root and below is a video to show how Flying JB works.

Jailbreak with Flying JB


Flying JB is an app for jailbreakers, but it does not mean the same jailbreak you get with Pangu or TaiG as it isn’t a GUI based tool. Even though it is a smart concept it still comes with limitations as mentioned below, which would make Flying JB less interest.

  • Only supports 32-bit devices
  • Work on iPhone 5 and lower
  • Have to run iOS 9.2.1 or lower

As Flying JB isn’t a GUI based tool, it does not come with user supportive interface, in fact it will not be easy it sounds. If you are interested on getting your device jailbroken, try Flying JB by checking the compatibility to know whether your device can be jailbreakable, for more, source codes are available in Github and instructions will assist you. However it only worth if you are on iOS 9.2.1 or lower. Also remember it is not a complete jailbreak as it lacks a sandbox escape, which means you are still behind Apple’s security walls even Flying JB successfully worked on your device. If this sounds great and you are adventurous, try Flying JB. And do not forget to share your Experience with Flying JB with us.

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