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IGExperiments for experimental redesigned Instagram app

It is nearly four months from the final jailbreak update of Pangu, for iOS 9.1. There is nothing to fresh jailbreak users except Cydia tweaks which amaze them releasing features even they can’t just imagine to have.

The IGExperiments tweak is becoming popular as an optional way of gaining characteristics of Instagram. But the significance of its download is new features bringing you are not what we are currently using in iOS installation. They have reportedly testing to have a new appearance which makes users interesting and user-friendly.


IGExperiments for experimental features

Instagram was reported their experiments and noted some appearances as well at the end of this April. It is fortunate to use experimental level designs of the app even before uncovered for non-jailbreak users. This introduces white UI elements with black bold buttons, adopting a flatter design of an iOS 9-escue.

Just seek for iGExperiment download Cydia right away. No worries of the cost as it is totally free. iGExperiment app for iOS 9.1 jailbreak users will offer you few cool features currently holding of the expected Instagram app. You can jut hit on the app for experiment feature list in the Experiments section of this jailbreak tweak.

Three options for the activation


Just see the installed app for three of these features specifically marked as,

  • Whiteout icon rebranding
  • Whiteout Dog fooding
  • White Camera Dog fooding

 When you enable one or all three of them, it is the way of using the newest coolest appearance of the app. After the authorization, you have to apply some more steps to complete changes from App switcher.

  • Go to App Switcher > Close Instagram app > Restart

So then, when you open the IGExperiment app, you will see its changed appearance into a new as mentioned below.


Features you can have with

Even though there are many features there will be for you after the activation, captured some special from them which users always anxious to have with.

  • Video uploading just with 60 seconds
  • Hide and allows to keep UI elements you have
  • Filter comments
  • Business profile layout with unlocking feature

Finally, what we have to remind you is, currently, any of these features are not with the original app as their developer has not fixed them yet to have officially. Only Cydia users those who are interested of using best jailbreak tweaks have the ability to capture these kinds of innovative tweaks on their iDevices. If you are looking for more, browse us and be the first of using all with your amiable device.

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