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iPhone 7 Plus Tweaks for a Better Experience

Are you an iPhone user? Got a seven plus but don’t like the basic setup? We are here to help you. Today we are going to give iPhone 7 Plus tweaks. Get ready to discover more adjustments to the system. There are some additional features in your iPhones that are designed to improve your experience.  There are many iPhone 7 Plus tweaks that are tucked away in your settings menu which are hard to decide if you need to enable them or not. However lets talk about some tweaks .

Enable to show battery percentage

We usually think that this is a default feature. But for some reason it is not.  We recommend  you to enable it. The least thing you need is to see your iPhone 7 Plus dead after you left home for work. Make sure to switch this feature on. This is one of the best iPhone 7 Plus tweak you should  consider about. To activate this go to -> Settings -> Battery -> on( Slide the toggle next to battery percentage from off to on)

iphone 7 plus tweaks

Make touch ID fingerprint range wider

Usually thumb is used to unlock (as touch ID) a locked iPhone. But we all wish it would have been easier if it allow us to use other fingers as well. Other than slipping your phone and destroying your display you should try to add few more additional fingerprints to touch ID. Below are the steps you should follow.

Settings->Touch ID  & Passcode -> # Enter various unlock codes when you are asked to do so# -> Add a fingerprint  then follow instructions

Set Apple Pay on your iPhone 7 Plus

We all are lazy people. Even if you are not you would really like to leave your wallet home and just carry your phone but still do shopping. So Apple Pay is a smart iOS tweak I like a lot. Even you don’t like to use Apple Pay, you should enable this feature just incase if you forgot to take your wallet with you. To set up Apple Pay you need to add your credit card or debit card to your phone. Apple pay is a very smart iPhone 7 Plus tweak you should experience.  

Settings -> Wallet & Apple Pay -> Add Credit or Debit card -> # follow the instructions given #

Name your iPhone 7 Plus Tweaks

If you are really obsessed with names, this is the tweak for you. Some people call theirs cars “my baby “ or u know. So if you want to give your iPhone 7 Plus a name you should use this feature. Also if you have some different iOS devises , it will allow you to pinpoint your specific device using AirDrop , AirPlay and Find my iPhone.  You can call it as the naming iPhone tweak .

Settings -> General -> About -> Name ( change it to the name you want )

Turn Magnifier on

iOS used on iPhone 7 Plus is iOS 10.1 so you can use this tweak on your phone . Using this tool you can enlarge a text on a book or a piece of paper. You can also have a close look at small objects. This is a great iPhone 7 Plus tweak you should use as a apple user . However you can’t use this feature on your apple phone if it is using iOS 10.0 or lower version. To activate this feature go to

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Magnifier -> Slide it as on.

To use the magnifier press your home button three times.

So these are the iPhone seven Plus tweaks for today. We’ll tell you few more when we get to know anymore. Try these and see if it helps you to get a better use of your iPhone.

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