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Marquee Tweak to set longer Folder Names in iOS

If you love to have long folder names in your iOS but failed, Marquee tweak is the best option to try on your iOS as it gives you the chance of setting the exact meaningful name for the folder and which displays with no clashes with the scrolling effect. If you are a jailbreaker, you will be entered to a whole new world of apps and tweaks and this will be one of the smart tweaks to try on your jailbroken iDevice to set folders on your Home screen with a name, rich of word count.

Marquee tweak

You go for a jailbreak to experience more advanced functionality on your iOS by coming out of the stock iOS limitations. If we consider in related to our topic, you will be clearer. With stock iOS settings you will not get proper features which handles longer folder names as you prefer, in that case you will have to limit your folder name for a word or two or be contented with the cut off iOS suggests instead of the name you propose. For some this might not be a big deal, but there is a certain crowd who cannot be satisfied with 1-2 words for a folder name. So there you can get advantage of Marquee tweak if only you are with a jailbroken iOS version.

Marquee Tweak for Longer and Creative Folder Names

Once you download Marquee on your jailbroken iDevice, you will be able to see the descriptive folder titles entirely which was cut off previously by iOS. In additionally you will see an interesting animation effect which scroll your long title name from left to right letting you see the whole name as it moves.

This is the same animation you would have familiar with Apple Music app, when displaying the song title. So there the animation itself is “Apple-esque”.

Marquee tweak comes in a simple interface, where you only have to download and enable. As to the developer this tweak will work on all iOS devices running iOS 7 to iOS 9. So iOS 9.1 is the latest version of iOS 9 series which is lucky enough to get Cydia benefits. As this tweak does not carry you through complicated configurations, you only have to download Marquee from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and it can be grabbed totally free of charges.

Marquee tweak

You might think why this feature still lacks in iOS stock settings, as it is absolutely a super-cool feature for your iOS. Even though it only adds a cosmetic effect and does not come with any special pros or cons, it makes you interested of trying Marquee. So if you are with a jailbroken iOS version give a simple try to Marquee tweak and tell us too how you feel about this simple, yet smart tweak.

Currently, there is no way to install Cydia on iOS 9.2-iOS 9.3.2, so if you wish jailbreak access, you will have to wait until something turns officially from Jailbreak developing side, until then visit us regularly and be prepared with your favorites. Keep visiting us to grab all latest iOS Cydia tweaks as soon as updated.

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