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Preview of iOS 10 download with new features

It is glad to make you known that Apple has announced their 10th iOS session yesterday, commencing World Wide Developers Conference. This is what we expected from the beginning of this year for a beneficial and lively use of iOS. Just point on your iDevice of iOS 10 to make all of yours encrypted safely.

Now all these have been yours through iOS 10 download. You can preview these to see, how it is there to fulfil users’s expectations they wished while working with former iOS sessions.

iOS 10 download

Availability of iOS 10 download

As we are still passing just a day after its announcement, the testing period too is yet to start. Those who are working with Apple Beta Software Program will be able to collect its first beta from Next month. The beginning iOS 10 beta 1 will available for public testers first couple of days of July. According to reliable details of the major release, this will available as a public version from September for listed iDevices.


iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE


iPad 4th G, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4

iPod touch

iPod touch 6th G

Video preview

Updated apps for the brand new version

iOS 10

Messages App

Messages app is the innovation of iOS 10 install which brought will brought these promised features with its public version in September. Therefore, Message app is the most bringing of the version making amusing and interesting functions with your chats.

This app has the ability to make your chat alive and secure. Using hidden images, fascinating stickers, animations, 3x emojis, changing message bubbles, animated written messages, click to replace emojis for used words are for the most part targeted.

Siri improvements

Now works with all other engaging app collection.


Do all reservations just from your device using inner apps such as Opentable. And will work with Proactive suggestions for what you mostly like. Find out surrounded places you would like to visit with time managing.

Home app

This too is a special app of iOS 10. You can still do simple work of your home such as turn off lights, lock the door just using the Home app.

other features
  • Listen your favorite music with its lyrics
  • Wake up the phone just moving to see what’s there on your notifications
  • 3D touch in a useful way for more apps
  • Just work with videos, photos and messages using notifications
  • Suggestions for what you are typing to include the text
  • News app with redesigned features
  • Search for your photo through gallery using its included features
  • Making videos using Photos app reminders
  • Shopping and pay for anything just browsing Apple pay
  • Use two separated languages in a single chat

In fact, all these enhancements and its features identifying your contacts and what your share will let you feel safer and secure than before.


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