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SilentMessenger Tweak – Use The Official FaceBook and Messenger Privately

SilentMessenger is a new jailbreak tweak that supports facebook and facebook messenger users to enhance your facebook and facebook messenger privacy. It brings silent mode and rich privacy options to facebook messenger. Such as users can easily use Facebook in invisible mode by hiding your online status and disabling the typing indicator. So others will not see when you are typing a message from them and they are unable to find that you have read their messages. Also user can hide your last seen timestamp and stop facebook analytics. Once you have installed SilentMessenger tweak on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, its preference pane will be added in settings app. You can use tweak’s dedicated preferences pane in settings to enable or disable each of these features. Hence, we will talk about what is this SilentMessenger and what can you do with this tweak.


What you can do with SilentMessenger tweak

As I mentioned, this is one of the new jailbreak tweaks for jailbroken idevices that provides you the freedom to use facebook and facebook messenger app privately. It brings some useful features by improving facebook and facebook messenger privacy. Such as :

  • Hide your online status from other facebook users
  • Other facebookers are unable to see that you have been read their messages
  • Prevent facebook analytics from sending usage to facebook’s apps
  • Others are unable to see your last activity time
  • A blue banner that shows when silent mode is enable or disable
  • Others can’t see when you are typing a message to them

Apart from these features, SilentMessager tweak offers enhancement functionalities such as :

  • Allow to send videos without any duration limit/ any lenght
  • Users can send many photos in a single message
  • Disable auto-playing of videos in facebook
  • Switch facebook accounts from the facebook messenger app


Configuring SilentMessenger Tweak

You will find more options on SilentMessenger app’s dedicated preference pane. Such as :

Silent mode

Silent mode works in facebook and messenger simultaneously. If you have enabled this option it will hide your last activity, online status read receipts, typing receipts and facebook’s VolP features will be disabled for you.

Typing receipt

Your contacts cannot see when you are typing a message when you have enabled this options.

Read receipt

If you enable read receipt option, your contacts will not know when you read a message.

Blue banner

You will be notified with a blue banner when silent mode is activated.

Do not track

If you have enable ‘Do not track’ option, facebook analytics will stop sending usage data and statistics on facebook and messenger simultaneously.

silentmessenger tweak

Usage Settings in SilentMessenger tweak’s preference pane

Unlimited duration – Send videos, not limitation of duration

Stop Autoplay – Prevent videos from getting automatically in facebook

Send unlimited photos – Send many pictures in a single message, no limitation for photo sending

Switch Account – Switch accounts pressing the ‘Edit’ button in Messenger settings.


Download SilentMessenger tweak on your jailbroken apple device

SilentMessager tweak is now available to download for $1.5 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It can be downloaded on all jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running on iOS 7 to iOS 9. I think that SilentMessenger is very useful tweak if you need to get rid of Facebook’s restrictions.

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