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ThemeStore Tweak for App Store customization

If you are looking into more customization on your iOS, this is a chance you should not miss. ThemeStore tweak is now available in Cydia to make more customization on App Store app on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. When we talk about customizing, the immediate thing comes our mind is color changes and theming, but ThemeStore packs more than that. Therefore, check our complete article to know what ThemeStore comes included to make your App Store worth more.


ThemeStore to Enhance App Store

ThemeStore is one of the latest Cydia tweaks you can grab from Cydia store which gives more customization on different aspects of your iDevice, and this is planned especially for App Store app on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Most of us know customization as changing the way it looks, but this is not only to change the way it looks, but also to enhance the functioning.


Theming, color changing is one of the major aspects of customizing, and that comes with ThemeStore tweak with no change, but in addition to enhancements in functioning. With the power of CCS you can change most of the aspects of App Store application, through ThemeStore tweak, where both dark and default themes are included in respect to the personal reference. At the moment, this Cydia Tweak offers a limited set of options, but you trust the developers of ThemeStore tweak for improvements in future, where you will be allowed building your own themes.

ThemeStore tweak’s options can be accessed from the App Store by reaching to updates tab in the new section labeled ThemeStore settings. And then you have to access the followings:

  • A quicker uninstall action for any installed applications on your iDevice
  • Themes to App to through power of CCS
  • Change the country of the App Store you are currently using to view full content

What Advantages come with ThemeStore?

In addition to theming, you can grab more benefits from ThemeStore tweak on your jailbroken iDevice, namely quick uninstall option and country changing option.


Quicker uninstall option comes with ThemeStore tweak let you uninstall the apps you do not feel of keeping with an easy approach. You can reach the list of the installed applications on your iDevice to view information of each with a separate tap and also you can swipe to left on any app to remove the app easily by getting the uninstall button in red.

In addition to that ThemeStore let you change the country saved in the settings as from where you view the App Store. This is a troublesome setting in some places as some apps only launch for some countries. With ThemeStore tweak you can change the App store front to a specific country the certain app will soft-launches, and there you can grab more opportunities on your iDevice.

How much should you pay?

ThemeStore Cydia Tweak is now available in Cydia’s BigBoss Repository for free of charge. So you do not have to pay to grab these Cydia benefits beyond jailbreak.

Jailbreak Hopes on June

Cydia is getting updated to match with 2016, but jailbreak is still missing in the scene after iOS 9.1 jailbreak as Apple has patched vulnerabilities of iOS versions from iOS 9.2. However most rumors suggest a soon jailbreak release to break this long silence continued with no-jailbreak, so keep hopes on a compatible jailbreak release to match with iOS 9.3 to iOS 9.3.2, in order to grab best iOS 9 Jailbreak tweaks to get closer to the true potential of your latest iOS device.

Give a try to ThemeStore tweak on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to make your App Store changed with the look and feel. And it will benefit you in additional options which will benefit you for sure.

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