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TinyPlayer Tweak For Control Your Music

Normally in iOS, if you need to access the music controls, you need to launch Control Center and use the media playback controls. TinyPlayer tweak is the fun and convenient way of controlling music on your jailbroken iOS device easily. It provides systemwide access to music by displaying a floating widget on the screen to control the music playback.

TinyPlayer app adds a nice music widget that you can move around the screen. The important thing is that you can not only access it from the homescreen but also from within apps. It brings lots of features as you expect from a music widget including go to next or previous songs, play or pause music and more. In this article, I am going to talk about this awesome tweak. Here is about TinyPlayer for control your music.


Features TinyPlayer Tweak

TinyPlayer comes with nice widget as i mentioned. Using the widget, you can view the artist and name of currently playing song, play or pause the song or move to the next or previous song and also share the song on social media like twitter and facebook.

social share

The widget brings an additional tray for accessing the playback controls. To view this tray, tap and hold the play button. It contains buttons to skip, playing or pause songs and you will get icons for sharing songs on social media by swiping the tray to left. TinyPlayer offers to control music by clicking on the widget body instead of tiny buttons.

TinyPlayer tweak comes with tap gestures for controlling the music. Tap once to play or pause the music. By double tapping on the widget, you can skip songs. And triple tap will play the previous song. TinyPlayer is not just about the functionality as it looks good, it offers both dark and light modes. When you tap and hold on the widget, you can switch between the two modes.

dark mode

If you need to access visual controls, then simply tap and hold on the play/pause button. You can set a custom activator gesture from settings to show or hide the player. Go to the TinyPlayer app’s preference pane in Settings > Activator gesture,  you can hide or unhide the music widget from anywhere. After you install TinyPlayer tweak on your device, you will need to go to Settings to configure the tweak. It has little interface to view or hide the tweak.

‘TinyPlayer’ Personal Music Player – Video Tutorial

TinyPlayer works with 3rd party music app like Deezer, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc apart from the stock music app. The tweak’s interface looks quite elegant. Widget is compact in size , but it would not block the screen when you are using an app. TinyPlayer has still not ability to adjust the volume level of the music. Currently, you can download TinyPlayer tweak as the lite version with limited features. We expect TinyPlayer download pro version so soon with additional themes, new features and configuration options.

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